Root access to The Council ecosystem
The biggest and broadest utility tool, providing downstream benefits for all future products. Created to concrete shared incentives between The Council and the Community
BRC-20 Token
10K Total Supply
Free PFP Mint Claim
Access to toshipad token drops
available on unisatavailable on unisat

candidate pfp ordinals

our first public ordinal collection
Community access badge. Hold it to become a Candidate. Candidates can become Council Members through Proof of Work.
Early access to token drops and new projects
Access to council mastermind
Voting rights over community vault
% Distribution of toshipad tokens
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Council Member PFP Ordinals

Coveted, election only badges
Signify a high level member of the community, an established builder, artist, architect, influencer, or professional who has proven their worth through Proof of Work.
Allows increased revenue sharing
Access to council network and team
Voting rights within the council initiatives
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The premier launchpad for Ordinals
A gigantic, cross-crypto monument to the gravity of the Godchain BTC. An entry for all NFT projects to cross over onto BTC and find fertile soil.
Want to launch on Ordinals? TOSHIPAD offers seed funding, incubation, a professional support team, marketing and partnerships and a world class dev team. We’re here to streamline your launch.
$TSHX unlocks access to meticulously curated BRC20 projects
toshipad websitetoshipad website

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We are constantly working and will implement new and new projects to make this world a better place.